BelindaNew Zealander Belinda Sawyer has over 25 years experience in marine operations and logistics.

She specialises in both behind-the-scene logistics and working operationally as expedition leader and vessel skipper. She holds Offshore Master and engineering qualifications and is a qualified scuba diver.

Belinda has led expedition teams throughout the world, including Antarctica and the Arctic. For many years she operated Deep Ocean Expeditions; a deep diving submersible company that operated two 1,000-metre Deep Rover manned submersible and commercially managed the 6500-metre Russian MIR submersible deep diving programme. She made submersible dives to extreme depth sites such as the Mid Atlantic ridge undersea volcanoes and the wrecks of the RMS Titanic and German battleship Bismarck. She also spent considerable time in the tropical regions undertaking remote dive expeditions.

Her contract work has included remote location operations for multiple large budget documentary filmmaking projects, government polar resupply operations, crewing in the superyacht industry, seismic data acquisition and implementing a New Zealand Fishing Industry Board inshore fisheries management programme. Until recently she worked part-time as port manager for IDNZ, one of NZ’s largest ground handling company’s supporting the cruise ship industry.

Belinda grew up in Southern New Zealand and Stewart Island. She currently resides in Mackay, Queensland, Australia.